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Mastering Social Media_ 10 Social Strategies for Industrial Design Companies

Mastering Social Media: 10 Social Strategies for Industrial Design Companies

Industrial design might seem like an unlikely candidate for the social media spotlight, but believe us, there’s so much potential waiting to be tapped. In our fast-paced, digital era, even industries deeply rooted in traditional methods are finding their voices online. So, how can industrial design companies in Singapore make their mark? Let’s explore deeper.

1. Showcase the Process
There’s a certain magic in witnessing a concept evolve. Every design tells a story, from the rough initial sketches to the intricate detailing, and then the final masterpiece. Documenting this journey, perhaps through a series of video diaries or photo stories, provides a captivating narrative. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to showcase your team’s skills and dedication.

2. Leverage Local Hashtags
Singapore, with its mix of traditional values and futuristic vision, offers a unique backdrop for designers. Embrace local hashtags to situate yourself firmly in the Singaporean narrative. Be it #SGInnovates, #SGDesigns, or even area-specific tags like #OrchardRoadDesigns; these can significantly enhance your local visibility.

3. Host Virtual Tours
The world has quickly adapted to virtual experiences. Offering a behind-the-scenes look into your workspace or a recently completed project can be both educational and fascinating for followers. This not only makes your design approachable but can also demystify the design process for potential clients.

4. Engage with Polls and Quizzes
Interactive content is a proven engagement booster. Throw in a bi-weekly design challenge, quizzes about famous Singapore landmarks, or polls seeking input on colour palettes. These not only foster engagement but also offer invaluable insights into consumer preferences.

5. Collaborations are Key
Singapore is home to a medley of talents. Collaborating with local artists, tech innovators, or even sustainability experts can lead to diverse content, drawing in followers from varied sectors. For example, a collaboration with a local artist could lead to a limited-edition design collection, documented through joint social media campaigns.

6. Highlight Client Testimonials
A genuine word of appreciation or a candid feedback snapshot can resonate strongly with potential clients. Regularly featuring these, perhaps under a hashtag like #HappyClientsOfSG, not only amplifies your successes but also underscores your commitment to customer satisfaction.

7. Stay Updated with Design Trends
Design isn’t static; it’s ever-evolving. Offer insights into global design movements, discuss sustainable innovations, or speculate on future trends. Positioning yourself as a knowledgeable guide ensures your audience returns for more insights.

8. Celebrate Your Team
Your team is your biggest asset. The brainstorming sessions, the coffee breaks, the eureka moments — sharing these instances gives your brand a human touch. It’s also an implicit nod to your team’s expertise and creativity.

9. Share Local News & Events
Participate in or promote Singapore’s rich array of design events. Engage in online dialogues about these events, sharing your perspectives and insights. This positions you as an active and aware member of the design community.

10. Promote with Targeted Ads
Singapore’s digital audience is vast. Using tailored ads, you can reach specific demographics, be it budding designers, potential clients, or design enthusiasts. Regular, strategically timed promotions can significantly boost your brand presence.

Deepening the Connection

While these strategies lay the foundation, remember that consistency is key. Regularly updating content, engaging with followers, and being genuine in your interactions can lead to sustained growth. Also, consider delving into stories of Singapore’s rich heritage and how it influences your designs. Highlighting how the city-state’s culture, history, and future aspirations play a role in your work can forge deeper connections with the local audience.

The PickaGeek Advantage

Venturing into the vast realm of social media can feel a bit overwhelming, especially in a niche field like industrial design. That’s where a trusted partner like PickaGeek comes in handy. Struggling to find the right digital content? Need assistance in curating content that resonates? PickaGeek offers bespoke solutions tailored to the unique needs of industrial design companies. With experts who understand both the design and digital landscapes, you’re assured of digital content that not only amplify your online presence but also resonate with your brand ethos. In the intricate dance of design and digital, let PickaGeek be your choreographer.

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