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Do We Still Need Professional Copywriting Services? (A Sit Down with Eric Tan)

Do We Still Need Professional Copywriting Services? (A Sit Down with Eric Tan)

In an era where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is seamlessly integrated into various facets of digital marketing, questions arise about the future of human-centric services like copywriting. We engaged with Eric Tan, a Senior Digital Marketer specialising in SEO copywriting services for the SaaS industry, for an insightful discussion on how AI complements the creativity in professional website copywriting services.

Caryn: Eric, in the context of providing top-tier copywriting services, what role does AI currently play?

Eric: Integrating AI has been transformative in managing data for SEO and creating foundational drafts for web copywriting services. While AI boosts efficiency, particularly in content copywriting services, it hasn’t mastered the full spectrum. There’s a nuanced complexity in copywriting that resonates at a human level—something our professional copywriting services can provide that AI alone cannot.

Caryn: Considering the spectrum of copywriting services online, can AI replace the depth provided by human copywriters?

Eric: AI definitely enhances the speed and management of routine tasks in sales page copywriting and blog copywriting services. However, it cannot replace the unique capabilities of humans in providing comprehensive sales copywriting services or crafting email copywriting services that truly engage customers.

Caryn: With AI’s rise in ecommerce copywriting services, what limitations does it have in understanding human emotions?

Eric: Despite the efficiency of AI in processing data, a significant gap exists in its ability to interpret the subtleties of human emotion. This is particularly noticeable when providing copywriting services for websites where understanding audience sentiment is key. AI lacks the emotional intelligence that our freelance copywriting services can deliver, especially in nuanced communication.

Caryn: How does emotional connection play into your approach to sales and marketing copywriting?

Eric: Emotional connection is paramount. The distinct emotional impact offered by well-crafted human writing is unmatched. This is essential across the board, whether it’s for B2B copywriting services or small business copywriting services. The emotion is what transforms content from simply informative to compelling and is a cornerstone of the best SEO copywriting services.

Caryn: With the cultural diversity in Singapore, how crucial is this understanding in your copywriting service offerings?

Eric: It’s vital. Singapore’s unique cultural landscape necessitates a deep level of cultural sensitivity, especially in web copywriting services. My experience has shown me the value of this local understanding in creating messages that resonate, a trait often lacking in AI-generated content.

Caryn: When it comes to aligning content with strategic business goals, how do you maintain this with AI’s involvement?

Eric: Content, whether it’s for an SEO copywriting service or digital copywriting services, is about strategic alignment. It’s not about just filling a webpage; it’s about crafting a sales letter or a landing page that serves a business objective. Human insight is key in maintaining the strategic integrity of our copywriting services for small businesses and larger enterprises alike.

Caryn: As AI becomes more integrated into copywriting services online, how do you ensure the quality and adaptability of content?

Eric: The quality and adaptability of content in professional copywriting services come down to human oversight. AI is a powerful assistant, but human expertise is what ensures the relevance and effectiveness of outsource copywriting services, allowing for rapid adaptation to market feedback.

Caryn: To wrap up, what’s your perspective on the best way to integrate AI with human creativity in the realm of copywriting services?

Eric: The best approach is a balanced one. Using AI for its efficiency in tasks like SEO analysis and keyword integration, while using human creativity for the nuanced tasks inherent in ad copywriting services and content creation, is the future. This balanced synergy is what sets apart the best copywriting services, allowing us to produce content that not only engages but resonates deeply with our audience.


Eric Tan’s insights highlight the irreplaceable nature of human creativity in the copywriting industry, asserting that while AI continues to progress, it’s the empathetic, creative, and culturally attuned human touch that forms the backbone of the best website copywriting services. As we continue to embrace digital transformation, the marriage of AI efficiency with human ingenuity seems poised to define the zenith of successful content and copywriting strategies.

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