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Build your Digital Assets consistently better, faster and cheaper with PickaGeek

We, the Geeks, specialise in curating and designing powerful content that propels businesses to success in the digital space, leveraging cutting-edge AI technology.

Introducing our Geek Experts that can effectively Scale Your Business Digitally.

Unlock your time with our Geek’s promise: Guaranteed Quality, Fast Turnaround, and Competitive Pricing.

Colin the Sales Conversion Copywriter

Power up your content


Expand your customer base by sharing valuable knowledge and expertise that attracts new customers.


Effectively communicate your key messages and updates directly to your subscribers, fostering a strong connection and keeping them informed.

Linkedin Articles

Elevate your professional profile by crafting insightful LinkedIn articles that showcase your expertise and connect with a broader network of industry peers and potential collaborators.

Sophia the Social Media Engagement Specialist

Engage your Audience

Facebook Post / Ads

Cultivate meaningful interactions within your community, sparking conversations and building relationships with your target audience.

Instagram Post / Ads

Inspire and engage your audience with visually captivating content, creating a strong brand presence and driving audience participation.

Linkedin Post / Ads

Establish your professional authority by sharing industry insights, thought leadership, and valuable content that resonates with your LinkedIn audience.

Denise the Marketing Designer.

Visualise your Message

Web Design

Utilise your primary branding medium to effectively convey your key messages, captivate visitors and create a memorable user experience.


Simplify complex information into visually appealing formats, enhancing comprehension and facilitating the easy sharing of valuable knowledge.

Landing Page

Boost online traffic conversion rates through focused promotions and optimised design, guiding visitors towards taking desired actions and achieving your conversion goals.

Pick a Geek

White Label

Use any of our work you ordered and use it as work done under your business.

Scalable Services

Order 1 asset or 100 assets as required to meet your needs.

30-days Money-Back Guarantee

We’re highly confident in our work, offering a 30-day money-back guarantee if it doesn’t meet your satisfaction.

Fast Turn-around

2-5 working days or faster for each piece of work at the production stage.

Easy and Competitive Pricing

What you see on our list is what you will pay, period.

It’s just 4 Simple Steps

Still not sure how to start?

Have a chat to find out more?

We are available through Email, Phone, Whatsapp and Live Chat.




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