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How to Read Your Instagram Insights

How to Read Your Instagram Insights

Today, we’re diving into the world of Instagram Insights! Imagine reading a magical map that can help your Instagram grow big and strong. Let’s set off on this adventure together. 


The Power of Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights is a special tool that shows secret info about your Instagram account. It’s a superhero tool for people who want to be great on Instagram. If you’re a creator, a business, or a brand, you need this tool to learn cool stuff about your account. It helps you make smart choices and make your Instagram even better.


The First Look – Checking Your Account

When you open Instagram Insights, you’ll see a big picture of how your account did in the last month. It’s like looking at your journey on a map. You can see if you did better or not so good. This helps you know where to be even better and celebrate what you did great!


The Secret of Reaching People

In the “Accounts Reached” part, you can find out where your followers live and how old they are. This is important to know because it helps you make posts that they’ll really like. You can also see how many people who don’t follow you saw your posts. This might help you find new friends on Instagram!


Likes, Comments and Shares

“Accounts Engaged” is where you find out how much your posts were liked and talked about. You can see if your pictures, stories, and videos were exciting for your friends. This helps you understand what they love the most, so you can do more of that.


Post Insights

Each of your posts has its own secret page called “Post Insights.” Here, you learn exactly how many people saw your post, liked it, and even visited your profile. This helps you know what kind of posts make your friends happy and interested.


Your Followers 

“Total Followers” is where you learn about all the friends following you. You can see how many new friends you made and what their genders are. This is like knowing your team of adventurers!


Need Help?  

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