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How to Create an Instagram Organic Content Strategy

Ready to take your Instagram game to the next level? If you’re looking to revamp your Instagram marketing strategy, then you’re in for a treat. We’re diving deep into the world of Instagram content – the stuff that not only improves your organic reach but also boosts engagement and brings in those valuable leads. So, let’s get started on uncovering the secrets of a killer Instagram organic content strategy.


3 Themes to Shape Your Instagram Content Strategy

Before we jump into the nitty-gritty of content, let’s understand what Instagram’s all about these days. With a whopping 2 billion monthly active users, Instagram’s aiming to create value through three pillars:



Originality is the name of the game. Instagram wants users to be themselves, express their unique personalities, and use the platform’s native tools to the fullest.



Helping users find content and creators they love is key. This means more emphasis on recommendations and posts that appear as suggested content.



Sparking conversations and building meaningful connections is top priority. This involves not just public engagement, but private interactions as well.


Now that we know Instagram’s game plan, it’s time to align your content strategy with these pillars. Let’s explore some ideas that will not only improve your reach and engagement but also set you up for successful lead generation.


#1: 4 Types of Instagram Content to Improve Reach

👥 Collaborative Posts

Want to reach more people? Collaborate with other businesses or creators using Instagram’s Collaboration tool. Your post appears on both accounts’ grids and in their followers’ feeds, boosting your reach.


🔍 Relevant Hashtags

Make use of relevant hashtags to display your content in various feeds and increase your chances of being discovered. Choose hashtags with moderate usage for best results.


📝 Searchable Text

Use keywords and key phrases in captions, on-screen text, and reels captions. This helps your content appear in relevant searches, increasing your reach.


🌟 Recommendable Content

While recommended content in the feed has decreased, it’s still a valuable way to expand your reach. Create engaging posts that Instagram might recommend to non-followers.


#2: 4 Types of Instagram Content to Increase Engagement

💬 Carousel Posts

Balance photo and video content. Carousel posts let you engage followers with multiple items in a single post. Encourage them to swipe for more engagement.


🎥 Reels

Focus on both photo and video content. Start your reels with captivating hooks and transitions to keep your audience engaged and watching.


📸 User-Generated Content (UGC)

UGC can outperform branded content. Showcase UGC to add authenticity to your feed and build connections with your customers.


🎨 Interactive Stories

Prompt followers to engage with your stories, increasing interaction and making your content more visible in their feeds.


#3: 3 Types of Instagram Content to Boost Lead Generation

💬 Message Buttons

Encourage DMs by teasing lead magnets or special offers. Add message buttons to posts or reels for easy direct communication.


📝 Instagram Notes

Use Instagram’s Notes feature to prompt DMs with brief, attention-grabbing prompts that spark engagement.


📩 Lead Generation Stories

Use Instagram’s lead generation forms to allow prospects to express interest and connect off-platform.


#4: 3 Tips for Creating High-Performing Instagram Content

🔍 Follow Hashtags

Search and follow relevant industry hashtags to find and learn from top-performing content in your niche.


📈 Check Suggested Content

Study recommended posts and reels to reverse-engineer successful content and replicate their elements.


👥 Monitor Competitors

Keep an eye on your competitors to gather inspiration and stay ahead of the curve.


Need Help? 

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