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How to Read LinkedIn Analytics using the Power of Data

How to Read LinkedIn Analytics Using the Power of Data

How to Read LinkedIn Analytics Using the Power of Data

Your LinkedIn profile is like your special place on the internet. To see how well it’s doing, go to LinkedIn and find Analytics. Here, you’ll find different numbers like visitors, followers, and leads. These numbers help you know how many people are interested in your posts. Remember, look at these numbers for a longer time to see what’s really going on.

Time Windows – Looking Back

Imagine having a magic window that shows you how your business performed over 90 or 365 days. That’s what time windows are. By looking at your numbers for a longer time, you can see if more people liked your posts at different times. This helps you know when your posts are super popular.

Engagement – People Liking Your Stuff

When many people like and comment on your posts, that’s engagement. The more engagement, the better your posts are doing. You can even use special third-party tools to see which posts are the most exciting for your business.

Company Page Analytics – Growing Your Business

If you have a company page, it’s your business’s special page. Many followers mean people are interested in your business. Check who’s following you. If they’re not the right people, you can change things to get the right ones excited about your business.

Content Analytics – Understanding Your Posts

Each time you make a post, LinkedIn keeps track of how many times people see it, like it, and more. These numbers help you know which posts are super cool for your business. This way, you can make more posts they like.

Competitor Analysis – Learning from Others

Think of competitors like friends who also have profiles. By looking at their numbers, you can learn what they’re doing right. Maybe you can try similar things to make your profile even cooler.

LinkedIn’s Employee Advocacy

Sometimes, employees from work can help your company page get better. They can share your cool posts and tell everyone about your company. This makes your company even more famous on LinkedIn!

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