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Marketing to Gen-Z in Singapore 6 Easy Marketing Strategies

Marketing to Gen-Z in Singapore: 6 Easy Marketing Strategies

Marketing to Gen-Z in Singapore: 6 Easy Marketing Strategies

Generation Z, often referred to as Gen Z, are individuals born between 1997 and 20121. They are a tech-savvy generation, having grown up with smartphones and social media, and are heavy consumers of online content12. This makes them an ideal audience for brands, and understanding how to connect with them is crucial for successful marketing. In Singapore, social media is widely used, with 79% of the community being active social media users. The number of active social media users is growing 6.9% in 2022, up 340,000 from 20213.

Strategy 1: Using Humour in Marketing

Humour can be a powerful tool in connecting with Gen Z. Brands that have successfully used humour including Duolingo and Rare Beauty. Duolingo’s TikTok account, for example, has gone viral due to its humorous content.

Strategy 2: Understanding Gen-Z Slang

Using Gen Z slang in content can signal relevance and relatability. This generation has its own unique set of slang terms, such as “Fam” for close friends or family, “Glow up” for a transformation for the better, “Slay” for someone who does something exceptionally well, “Stan” for a super fan or supporter, and “Salty” for being bitter or angry. Incorporating these into your marketing materials can help you resonate more with this audience. Slay fam ~

Strategy 3: Sharing Educational and Inspiring Content

Gen Z values educational and inspirational content. They appreciate brands that provide value beyond just selling products or services. For instance, a café could share a video on making the perfect latte at home, or a fashion brand could share style hacks on their social media platforms.

Strategy 4: Keeping Content Snappy and Short

Given that the average attention span of someone from Gen Z is about 8 seconds, it’s important to keep content concise and easily digestible. This means getting straight to the point and making sure your message is clear from the get-go.

Strategy 5: Brand Transparency

Gen Z values transparency and authenticity. They prefer brands that align with their values and are more likely to support companies that are open about their business practices.

Bonus Tip: Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel marketing is about combining digital and physical marketing strategies to reach your audience. This approach provides Gen Z with real-life experiences that complement their online interactions.


Marketing to Gen Z is not just about selling; it’s about creating a brand experience that matches their values, adds value to their lives, and leaves a lasting impression. By understanding their unique characteristics and preferences, you can tailor your marketing strategies to engage this tech-savvy generation effectively.

Remember, when marketing to Gen Z in Singapore or anywhere else in the world, it’s important to stay authentic, keep up with trends, and most importantly, listen to what they have to say. Interested to learn more about what we do? Contact us now for more information.

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